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Our topic today is, Do You Need to Charge Airtags? I will give you a detailed answer to this frequently asked question. Do You Need to Charge Airtags?

No, you do not need to charge Apple AirTags. AirTags uses a standard CR2032 coin-cell battery, which provides power for the device. These batteries have a long lifespan and are replaceable. On average, an AirTag’s battery can last for about a year, depending on usage.

When the battery runs out, you can easily replace it with a new CR2032 battery to continue using the AirTag. Apple provides information in the Find My iPhone app to check the battery status of your AirTag and receive notifications when the battery needs replacement. This design ensures that AirTags remain convenient and hassle-free for tracking your belongings without regular charging.
I want to make a short start for those who do not know Airtags

What is Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTag is a device you can use for lost or potentially lost items. You put the AirTag in your bag or wallet, and in case of loss, it helps you find it with the Find application. This device shows its location, meter by meter. Instead of scanning a specific area and saying that the device is in this area, as with other devices, it allows you to find where the device is by showing the direction thanks to the arrow in the application.

What are Apple AirTag Usage Purposes?

There is hardly any usage limit for the Apple AirTag. This is because AirTag can be used wherever it can fit. For example, your dog may be lost. You can use AirTag on your dog’s collar thanks to Apple’s apparatus.

You can use this technology not only for small items but also for your car. Likewise, since your vehicle is likely to be stolen, you can use an AirTag in your car. In this respect, no restrictions are placed on the user. You can use your AirTag with peace of mind on every technological device you can fit or on any of your belongings.

Do You Need to Charge Airtags? AirTags benefit from Apple’s huge “Find My App” network for your items to find or trace. However, airTags require power from batteries for work, so how do you handle it when the battery eventually runs out? 

Is the Find My app available on Android devices for AirTag tracking?

The Find My app is unavailable for Android devices as of the article’s publication. AirTags are primarily designed to work with Apple’s ecosystem, including iPhones and iPads.

Do you need to charge airtags?

Do you need to charge airtags? Is it necessary to charge the AirTag? No. AirTag lasts over a year with a standard battery that you can easily replace. Your iPhone also tells you when to replace the battery. The estimated battery life is about 1 year.

Do You Need to Charge Airtags cannot be recharged? They instead charge via three-volt CR2032 disposable “coin” batteries. It is impossible to charge AirTags, so if they get charged up AirTag, the only option is to replace the battery with a fresh one when the energy level drops. There’s a set of alternative batteries, such as the Energizer Lithium CR2032s, for less than 10 dollars.

Do you need to charge airtags? energizer 2032

Energizer 2032 Batteries (6 pack)

In selecting a new battery, Apple warns that sure CR2032 batteries coated with a bitterant (to keep pets and children from eating the cells) might be unable to work “depending on the alignment of the coating about the battery contacts.”

When it’s time, you’ll notice that it’s time to replace the battery in the AirTag, and you will notice an alert within your iPhone. A low battery warning will also be in the Find My app on the “Items” tab.

  • 3V Lithium Coin Batteries, Energizer 2032 Batteries, 6 pack
  • The performance of 3V lithium coin batteries ranges from -22 F to 140 F under harsh climates.
  • Long-lasting remote, toy, and health monitor batteries that are compatible with AirTag and other comparable products
  • When stored, coin cell batteries can last up to 10 years.
  • CR2032 lithium coin batteries are packaged in child-resistant materials to protect children from ingesting batteries.

How Long Does an AirTag’s Battery Last?

Do You Need to Charge Airtags? Yes. Apple declares that the battery inside the AirTag is expected to be able to last “more than a year”; however, this is contingent upon the use. One of the significant advantages of having the AirTag is its ability to use its Find My app to play the sound of an object you’ve lost. The sound will continue to play audio on the AirTag until you can locate the object.

AirTags can also make this sound even when they’re not from the iPhone and are outside of the zone you’ve designated as your home (or, similarly, “safe space” where the object can be removed). The amount of time the AirTag spends making noise can affect the period that the battery can last.

For instance, We have tested three AirTags over 13 months; thus, only one needs replacing. The AirTags we have used all use the exact Panasonic battery supplied inside the Apple box. The brand you choose for your battery will likely affect how long the AirTags last.

A general guideline, you should expect to recharge your AirTag batteries every year if you frequently utilize sound alerts for locating objects. The frequency will be higher when you don’t.

Monitoring Battery Status

Apple provides a convenient way to monitor the battery status of your AirTag through the Find My app, available on iOS devices. Setting up your AirTag with your iPhone or iPad will automatically be added to the Find My app. From there, you can see the current battery level of your AirTag and receive notifications when the battery is running low.

How to Change AirTag Batteries?

Do You Need to Charge Airtags? Yes, and HowFixes Change AirTag Batteries Changing the battery inside the AirTag can be difficult and requires both hands. The first step is to remove the AirTag from your key straps or other mountings before beginning.

While holding the Apple logo in front of you, place your finger onto that shiny (metal) side of the disc and turn it clockwise and counterclockwise. The disc should slow down. After that, you’ll be able to pop the lid of the metal off of the AirTag and expose the battery within.

Do You Need to Charge Airtags? How to change batteries?

Get the battery removed and change it into a brand new one with one side of the battery facing forward. Place the lid so that the aluminum edges meet the AirTag housing. Press down and then rotate it clockwise until the case is stopped. Ensure you’ve done the process correctly and the lid won’t be removed.

iPhone models with Airtags support are as follows:

iPhone models with Airtags support are as follows:

What are the system requirements?

You can use the device on iPhone and iPod touch models with iOS 14.5 or later. For iPad models, iPadOS 14.5 or newer is required.

Do you need to charge airtags? How to Change AirTag Batteries? (Video)

How to Change AirTag Batteries


We always need devices like Airtags. It is a very useful device. The location can be determined with the surrounding iPhone phones without establishing GPS communication.
Similar devices and applications are available in Android. In our next article, we will review devices with airtags for Android.


How long does AirTag battery last?

AirTag is made to operate for more than a year on a typical, easily replaceable battery.

How long do AirTags last before charging?

According to Apple, an AirTag’s battery should last for around a year, although your results may vary depending on how active a particular AirTag has been over its lifespan.

How far away do AirTags work?

about 33 feet
What is the range of Apple AirTag? For its Bluetooth signal to be registered, AirTags must be around 33 feet away from an iPhone or other device in the Find My network.

Can I recharge the AirTag battery?

No, you cannot recharge the AirTag battery. AirTags come with a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that you can easily replace when it runs out.

Can I use AirTags for tracking my pet?

AirTags are not explicitly designed for tracking pets. For pet tracking, consider using dedicated pet trackers with features tailored to pets’ safety and well-being.
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