How to Troubleshoot Dinput8.dll Errors in Windows 10 & 11

Dinput8.dll errors commonly appear when running certain games or applications, such as Grand Theft Auto V, indicating a missing or incompatible DirectX library file. To fix these errors on Windows 10 & 11, you can update DirectX using the web installer, copy the dinput8.dll file from the System32 (or SysWOW64 for 32-bit) directory to the application’s folder, run the app in compatibility mode for older Windows versions, or disconnect non-HID USB devices. For GTA V players using Script Hook V mods, solutions include downloading a fresh dinput8.dll from a trusted source, disabling conflicting mods, or removing mods altogether as a last resort. If the problem persists, further community assistance may be sought.

Understanding and Resolving the dinput8.dll Missing Error in Windows

Error messages related to missing DLL files like dinput8.dll can be a significant irritant when trying to launch applications, especially resource-intensive games such as Grand Theft Auto V. Users often see messages such as:

The program cannot be started because dinput8.dll is missing on the computer.

There are many reasons why dll errors occur, ranging from simple file corruption to incompatible system settings. In this article, we will explore the root causes of these error messages and provide reliable methods to fix the dinput8.dll file errors.

Fixing dinput8.dll File Errors

Dinput8.dll Errors
Dinput8.dll Errors

The dll is a dynamic link library part of the DirectX API. DirectX comprises numerous libraries crucial for multimedia and gaming on Windows. While some versions of these files reside in the system directories like C:\Windows\System32, others may be located within the application’s folder itself.

Let’s delve into the various methods to address issues related to the dll file.

Update DirectX with the Web Installer

The go-to fix for most DirectX-related issues is to update the libraries. This can be done via a DirectX web installer. The process is user-friendly and largely automated. After running the installer, you just have to click “Next” a few times, and the update will be completed.


More often than not, updating DirectX rectifies the missing dinput8.dll error.

Copy dinput8.dll from the System Directory into the Application Folder

If updating DirectX did not resolve the issue, try copying the dinput8.dll file from C:\Windows\System32 to your application’s directory. If you’re working on a 64-bit system, you might have luck with the 32-bit version of the file located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64. This method doesn’t always work, but it is a common troubleshooting step.

Run an Application in Compatibility Mode

If you’re attempting to run older software that was designed for previous versions of Windows, compatibility mode may be your solution. Right-click on the application’s executable file, go to “Properties” → “Compatibility,” and select “Run this program in compatibility mode.” It may take some experimentation to find the right version of Windows to emulate.

Disconnect a HID Device from the Computer

An unusual solution involves disconnecting devices incorrectly identified as HID (Human Interface Devices) by your system. This could include USB-connected desk lamps or mini-fans. Unplugging such devices can sometimes resolve the issue.

How to Fix dinput8.dll Error for GTA V Players Howfixes

For GTA 5 players who use mods such as Script Hook V, the dll file can often pose unique challenges. If you encounter problems, the following steps might help:

  • Download dinput8.dll from a trusted source such as and replace the existing file in the GTA 5 folder.
  • Try using another version of dinput8.dll from a reputable website (exercise caution to avoid malware).
  • Disable any conflicting modifications by checking the ScriptHookV.log and asiloader.log files for clues.
  • If all else fails and you opt to play without mods, delete dinput8.dll and rename the “Mods” folder.

Tinkering with game mods can be complex, and it often takes trial and error to work smoothly.

If none of these solutions work for you, please provide more details about your situation in the comments. With additional information, the community or experts might be able to offer more targeted assistance to resolve your dll file error.


What is the dinput8.dll file?

The dinput8.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file associated with Microsoft DirectX for Windows. This file is essential for applications that need direct input, such as video games or any software that uses DirectX for input processing.

What causes dinput8.dll errors on Windows 10 & 11?

Missing or corrupt dll files, registry issues, malware or virus infections, faulty applications, or an outdated version of Windows or DirectX typically cause these errors.

How can I fix dinput8.dll errors?

To fix dll errors you can try the following methods: restoring the dll file from the Recycle Bin, running a malware scan, updating drivers, reinstalling the software that’s giving the error, running the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer, or performing a system restore to a previous point when everything worked correctly.

Should I download dinput8.dll from a DLL download website?

No, downloading DLLs from unofficial websites can be risky as they may be outdated or compromised with malware. Instead, try to restore the file from your system or use official channels and tools Microsoft provides.

Can Windows Update fix dinput8.dll errors?

Windows Update can sometimes resolve these errors by providing the latest service packs and patches that might replace or update a missing or corrupt dll file.

What if my game or software is not starting due to a dinput8.dll error?

In this case, it’s recommended to reinstall the game or software, which should replace the missing or corrupt file. Make sure to download it from the official source or trusted provider.
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