Disable YouTube Shorts in 3 Simple Steps

Disable YouTube Shorts Are you frustrated with YouTube Shorts and want to disable them? There isn’t a direct feature to do this on YouTube, but there are workarounds. You can use the “Not interested” option on individual Shorts, access YouTube on a web browser to avoid the Shorts tab or download an older version of the YouTube app. Alternatively, Chrome users can install the “YouTube Shorts Block” extension to filter out Shorts, or you can switch to the YouTube Vanced app, which allows you to disable the Shorts feature within its settings. These methods offer a reprieve from the influx of Shorts for a more traditional YouTube viewing experience.

Disable YouTube Shorts in 3 Simple Steps

How to Disable YouTube Shorts: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Viewing Experience

Are you looking to Disable YouTube Shorts? I understand YouTube Shorts can be incredibly addictive, keeping you hooked and returning for more.

YouTube is a renowned video streaming platform with over 1.8 billion active users. Recently, it introduced a short video feature similar to TikTok and Reels, known as YouTube Shorts, which has soared in popularity. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about this addition, some finding it distracting or even addictive.

If you also want to remove YouTube Shorts from your viewing experience, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the easiest methods to disable YouTube Shorts within a few seconds.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature to disable Shorts on the YouTube app, but the following tricks will help!

Can You Disable YouTube Shorts?

Yes, it is possible to disable YouTube Shorts even though YouTube doesn’t provide a direct feature. We will explore some effective methods that anyone can follow to achieve this.

How to Disable YouTube Shorts?

To disable YouTube Shorts on both mobile and desktop versions of YouTube, you have a few options:

Mark as “Not Interested” on Shorts Video

To avoid specific YouTube Shorts, mark them as “not interested.” This helps remove those particular shorts from your feed, but they may reappear upon restarting the app.

Here’s how to mark each Shorts video as Not interested:

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Navigate to the Shorts section.
  • Tap on the three dots on a Shorts video.
  • Select “Not Interested.”

This temporary solution primarily affects the recommendations algorithm rather than completely removing Shorts.

Alternative Methods to Block YouTube Shorts

Use YouTube in Web Browser

Using YouTube through a web browser on your mobile device or computer often does not show the Shorts Tab. It can be a more desirable option to avoid Shorts entirely.

Downgrade to an Older Version of the YouTube App

You won’t see the Shorts feature by reverting to an older version of the app (such as 14.12.56). You can download this version of the app from third-party websites. However, ensure the site’s trustworthiness to avoid downloading malicious software.

Use YouTube Shorts Block Chrome Extension

For desktop users, consider installing the YouTube Shorts Block Chrome extension, which aims to block videos in the Shorts format from appearing in your feed.

Use YouTube Vanced App

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube offering additional features like ad-blocking and background playback. This third-party app allows users to disable YouTube Shorts. However, due to legal concerns, the development of YouTube Vanced has been discontinued.


Howfixes If YouTube Shorts are not to your taste, these methods provide feasible solutions to disable them and enhance your viewing experience according to your preferences. You can use the browser version of YouTube, downgrade the app, install extensions, or look into alternative apps like YouTube Vanced.

Now, you’re equipped with the knowledge to disable Shorts on YouTube and enjoy your video content uninterrupted and tailored to your liking.


Can I Disable Shorts on YouTube?

While there is no direct feature from YouTube to disable Shorts, you can adopt several methods discussed in this article to disable or limit their presence in your YouTube experience effectively.

How do I disable or remove Shorts from YouTube?

Using a browser version of YouTube, downgrading the YouTube app, installing a browser extension, or using alternative apps like YouTube Vanced are various methods to disable or avoid Shorts on YouTube.

Can I completely remove YouTube Shorts from the YouTube app?

Currently, no official feature is provided by YouTube to remove or disable the Shorts section from the app completely. However, users can limit their interactions with Shorts or use certain methods to reduce their visibility.

Is there a way to block YouTube Shorts if I don’t want to see them?

Since YouTube doesn’t provide a direct way to block Shorts, the best approach is to actively manage your feed preferences as described in the previous answer. Using third-party apps or browser extensions that claim to block Shorts may pose security and privacy risks, and their effectiveness can vary.

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