Fix ‘Not Enough Disk Space’ Error in Windows 10

There isn’t enough space available on the disk or Not Enough Disk Space. When dealing with the error ‘There isn’t enough space available on the disk’ on Windows 10, checking the disk state in Disk Management or rebooting may solve the problem. If Disk Management is not an option, Command Line with Diskpart can manage partitions. Creating, compressing, or extending partitions can be done with specific commands. Alternatively, numerous third-party disk management programs, including some free options, can offer a solution and are available on boot disks like Sergei Strelec’s Windows PE. If the error persists, seeking further guidance in the comments might be beneficial.

Understanding the “There isn’t enough space available on the disk” Error

Disk management is critical to maintaining a computer’s health and performance. Whether you are partitioning a hard drive, allocating free space, or attempting file compression or expansion, errors can sometimes disrupt your workflow. One such issue is the perplexing message: “There isn’t enough space available on the disk” or Not Enough Disk Space, especially when there appears to be ample free disk space.

In today’s guide, we delve into the roots of this error and offer step-by-step solutions to resolve it.

Not Enough Disk Space There isn’t enough space available on the disk

‘There isn’t enough space available on the disk’ or Not Enough Disk Space Fix

Ironically, the solution to the ‘There isn’t enough space available on the disk’ error is often straightforward. An effective first step is to reassess the state of your disk. Here’s how you can do it: Not Enough Disk Space

  • Navigate to the Disk Management tool.
  • Select the Action button on the menu bar and choose Rescan Disks.
  • Allow the rescan process to complete.

This simple action can compel Windows to refresh its understanding of disk space availability and cease presenting the error. A system reboot might just as well rectify this anomaly.

Disk Management via the Command Line

Should Disk Management prove unhelpful or inaccessible, the Command Line coupled with the Diskpart utility is a practical alternative.

Creating a new partition for Not Enough Disk Space

Follow these steps to create a new partition using the Command Line:

  • Press WIN+R to invoke the Run dialog box.
  • Type CMD and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to open an elevated command prompt.
  • Input the following commands:

list disk
select disk X [where X represents the target disk].
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs quick

Compressing an existing partition

To compress a partition using the Command Line, follow these steps:

  • Open an administrative command prompt.
  • Execute the following commands:

list volume
select volume X [the volume identification].
shrink desired=10000 minimum=10000 [the shrink parameters in MB].

Extending an existing partition

If you need to extend a partition, use these Command Line instructions:

  • Access the Command Line as an administrator.
  • Type the following sequence of commands:

list volume
select volume X [indicating the volume to extend].
extend size=10000 [specifying the extension size in MB].

Third-Party Software – An Alternative Solution

Besides native tools, a variety of third-party applications can manage disk space. Some are free, others paid, but the price does not always indicate their efficiency; free tools can outperform paid versions. However, choosing the right software is crucial. Howfixes with Third-Party Software

Consider a boot disk like Sergei Strelec’s Windows 11, 10, and 8 PE for versatility. It includes a comprehensive suite of disk management tools that can handle most if not all, disk-related tasks.

The message ‘There isn’t enough space available on the disk,’ or Not Enough Disk Space can cause significant frustration. Nonetheless, following the instructions provided in this article, this common issue can usually be addressed quickly and effectively. If you encounter further difficulties or have questions, seeking community advice in forums or comment sections can provide additional support.


Why am I seeing the “There isn’t enough space available on the disk” error on Windows 10?

This error typically appears when the disk you are trying to use lacks sufficient free space to complete an operation, such as copying a file, installing software, or downloading content. This could happen on any storage device, including your system’s hard drive, an external hard drive, a USB drive, or an SD card.

How can I resolve the insufficient disk space error on Windows 10?

To resolve this error, you can try freeing up space by deleting unnecessary files, emptying your recycle bin, using disk cleanup tools, uninstalling unused applications, or transferring files to external storage. Consider upgrading the disk to a larger drive if it is almost full.

Can I use Disk Management to free up space?

Disk Management doesn’t directly free up space, but it can help you manage disk partitions. You can use it to extend a partition if there is unallocated space or shrink a partition to create more space for other uses. However, you’ll need to free up space manually through file management or system cleanup tools.

What is Disk Cleanup, and how can it help with disk space issues?

Disk Cleanup is a built-in Windows utility that helps remove temporary and system files that are no longer needed. It can help free up disk space by deleting temporary Internet files, system error memory dump files, and emptying the recycle bin.

Is there a way to prevent this error from happening in the future?

To avoid this error, regularly check your disk usage, manage your files, uninstall software that’s not used, and clean up your system files. Additionally, consider using cloud storage services to keep non-essential files off your local disk and ensure a disk with a capacity that meets your usage needs.
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